Here are some documents to guide your thinking about off-grid electrical power.

General Information

  • Watthours are the key do determining how big a battery or solar panel you need. See our “How Many Watthours?” post for an introduction to watthours, and estimates of energy needed by computers and small electronic devices.
  • The SCOS handbook is a good introduction to using solar technology in the context of small systems in remote locations. The 2017 Version of this “handbook” is available here:
    SCOS 2016

Selecting Equipment that uses less power

Solar power is so expensive that you probably can save money by giving away all your existing equipment and buying all new devices that use less energy. Using smaller solar panels and batteries to power your new equipment will save more than the purchase price of your new devices. This applies to most everything from refrigerators and light bulbs to computers.

Component Parts



Charge ControllersProstar 30


Solar Panelstwosolartec




Product Manuals

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