Sunpower Flexible 30W XT60


Lightweight Mono-crystalline semi-flexible solar panel.

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Recommended use(s): This solar panel is plug-and-play with the Half-Pint XT Solar Power Bank sold separately. There is a single XT female connector on this panel, which mates with the Male XT connector on the Half-Pint XT. You will probably want one of our XT60 extension cords also. This panel is also perfect for use with the Goal-Zero Sherpa or Voltaic V72 power bank, but we will need to make you an adapter cable to match the plug on these units. Just ask.

We also sell this same panel with MC4 connectors for use with a Villager-III power bank or other systems.

Advantages of this product: These panels are small in size for the number of watts produced – plus they are very thin, lightweight and rugged. They are completely weatherproof and can be permanently mounted outdoors, but are also great for portable use. This 30W panel will fit inside a medium sized suitcase and weighs slightly under 2 lbs. (0.85kg)

The solar cells are embedded in 2.2-mm thick plastic which allows the panels to flex a bit, though they cannot be rolled or folded. Each panel has four grommets for mounting.

Additional notes: Like any solar panel, you must use a charge controller to prevent this solar panel from overcharging your batteries. All of our power banks have the charge controller already built in.


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